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Tiwaz – “Tea-waz” – Esoteric: Justice, Sacrifice. This rune works well in legal matters but only if you are right to begin with. Tiwaz also represents determination and male sexuality. It symbolizes new challenges and initiations into new understandings.  There is a need for courage now, as your victory is already assured if your heart remains true. Make use of all the skill and wisdom you have acquired so far. Protect your faith, as it will be challenged. But truth, honesty and justice will always be.

Rune of the balance and justice ruled from a higher rationality. The rune of sacrifice of the individual tiwaz2(self) for well-being of the whole (society).

Psi: spiritual warrior, honour, righteousness

Energy: sovereign order, sacrifice, right decision making

Mundane: the rule of law, fairness, peace keeping

Divinations: faith, loyalty, justice, rationality, self-sacrifice, analysis, victory, honesty, even-handedness; or mental paralysis, over analysis, over-sacrifice, injustice, imbalance, defeat, tyranny.

Obtaining just victory and success in battle, litigation or legal matters
Building spiritual will and development of sound judgement
Develops the power of positive self-sacrifice
Develops the “force of faith” in magic and religion

Source of the text  Rune Secrets

Tiwaz will bring about a correct balancing of the scales so that you are assured a fair hearing and fair decision. Do not be thrown off balance by the chaos of your environment. Like the North star, you must remain true and calm, assert your case with confidence and let the energies of your orlog assisted by the force of Tiwaz bring about a right solution.

As a talisman it is used to protect in the material realm, give victory and strength, and to heal wounds. It is the rune of knowing where one’s true strengths lie. This is the path of the warrior.

Source of the text Vertical Searcher

Teiwas is the rune of warrior. Courage. The power within the frames of Law. Rune includes four aspects.

The first aspect. This is rune of Warrior. This is the main aspect. Persistence, courage, willingness to sacrifice for the sake of duty. Ability to follow his path, despite the dangers, difficulties and hardships. This ability to achieve his objectives, the ability to fulfill his Global role, the ability to defend the system, whatever it may be.

The second aspect concerns the choice of method to achieve goals. The rune Tiwaz – means achieving of goal only by lawful, fair and correct methods. It acts within the law and within the system. And the main method here – it is personal courage and fortitude.

The third aspect – is the quality of fighter. This is ability to use force and the ability to have that power.

The fourth aspect is a battle with oneself. This is a battle with the ego. The rune can prevail over ego. Ego has to serve them, not vice versa. The rune can correctly put everything in its place.

Source of the text  Runs of Odin->The book of Runes

Source of the text Vertical searcher

tyrrunemb9Tuesday was named after the Old English god Tiw. Tiw is a form of the Proto-Germanic god Tiwaz, or Tyr in Norse, a sky god, and god of war and law. In the Thai solar calendar, the day is named for the Pali word for the planet Mars. Mars is also called Angaraka, meaning „One who is red in color,“ like the planet we see in the sky. The Spanish word for Tuesday is Martes, from its Latin origin, meaning „Mars Day.“ The name Mars survives in everyday use in reference to military or extraordinary circumstances, such as martial arts or martial law. The month of March is inspired by this god’s name. The associated rune is Teiwaz, an upright arrow or spear. It is a rune of courage, bravery, and steadfastness in the face of adversity. As a talisman it is used to protect in the material realm, give victory and strength, and to heal wounds. It is the rune of knowing where one’s true strengths lie. This is the path of the warrior.


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    History of letter T:

    Meaning of letter T:
    T is the Tendency: to, until, toward, tele-, trans-. Whereas D concerns the intensity of its process, T is only concerned with its location, its focus, from where to where. It touches something in order to direct it toward a specific end. It teaches. It has a task in hand. It knows where it’s headed. But there’s no indication as to whether it actually gets there. T is always en route. P ponders. T teaches and trains. And K actually can. When R appears right behind it, it sends T travelling on a trip along a precise track. But when the R appears after the vowel, it loses control . It turns and tears and finds the combination terrifying. The voiced D divides the One into two, but the Two of unvoiced T counts up. It puts separate pieces together and makes two. The duality in the labials is not about a number. It is a side-effect of a hierarchy. But the twoness of the dentals, D and T concerns an actual number. The number two is implicit in the line which one finds in all the dentals (d, t, dh. z, th, s, j, ch, n, r, l). Two points make a line.

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    Tyras: švarus, nesuteptas; doras, nekaltas: Būti tyrõs širdies, Tyrà sąžinė; tikras, grynas, visiškas;
    tyrė́ti, tỹri, -ė́ja tr., intr. būti patiriančiam, žinoti;
    tyrýbė: tyrumas, skaistybė;

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