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The Full Spectrum of Intelligence (anglų k.)

Five Dimensions of Intelligence

The full spectrum of intelligence is made up of five dimensions, from PQ to TQ, via IQ, EQ and SQ. Physical intelligence is a property of all life-forms. PQ controls our breathing and regulates the autonomic nervous system. The coordination required to walk or put on a jacket is a PQ capability. After PQ comes IQ and EQ, which are about intellect and emotion, followed by SQ, which is about values and meaning. SQ replaces the ego with the soul, both as the seat of personal identity and as the governor of PQ, IQ, and EQ. The qualities of SQ are experienced at the subject-pole of attention in moments of presence, in the form of wisdom, compassion, integrity, joy, love, and creativity. SQ therefore increases personal fulfilment and social responsibility, boosts individual and group performance, and results in cooperation, tolerance, and peace.

Five Dimensions of Intelligence

Five Dimensions of Intelligence

Beyond SQ (spiritual intelligence) is the ultimate dimension of intelligence, called TQ (transcendental intelligence). Whereas SQ shifts from the ego to the soul by transcending the object-pole of attention, TQ shifts from the dualistic consciousness of the individual soul to the non-dual consciousness of the universal soul, by transcending both poles of attention and the mechanism of attention altogether. TQ represents the intelligence of non-individuated feeling-awareness itself, which is the self-existing and self-radiant ground of all being, and the transcendental source of all.

SQ and TQ

Transcendental intelligence represents a highly advanced state of consciousness [6, 7]. Even limited and temporary forms of TQ can take a lifetime of dedication to attain, after a long process of neural development, based on intensive spiritual practice. Consequently TQ is extremely uncommon. A collective paradigm shift based on TQ therefore belongs in the distant future, at a later stage of human brain development. But SQ is different. SQ is accessible to everyone right now, at the current stage of human brain development. Moreover, a collective paradigm shift based on spiritual intelligence is sufficient for profound global transformation.


The shift from the ego to the soul has enormously beneficial consequences. SQ increases personal fulfilment and social responsibility, boosts individual and group performance, and results in cooperation, tolerance, and peace. When SQ is exercised on a community-wide scale, new norms are created, and society is thus transformed, as governments are repurposed and corporations are reformed, according to spiritually intelligent principles. Therefore, at this point in our history, at the dawn of the third millennium, faced with unprecedented global crises of our own creation, coupled with immense potential for improving the quality of life for all, SQ represents the necessary and sufficient means of individual and collective transformation.


The SQ paradigm is based on a synthesis of findings from different fields of scientific research, including cognitive psychology, psychoanalysis, transpersonal psychology, and neuroscience. These findings are summarised in the post entitled The Psychology of Spiritual Intelligence.

The source of article and more about the subject on SQ Instute website


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    Visuomenine Ismintis – valstybes pagrindas.
    Visuomeninė Išmintis – santykių tinklas, kuriame svarbiausias mazgas randasi tavo rankose, širdyje, prote. Būtent Ji vietoje kiekybinio intelekto-IQ, savyje neša kokybišką Gyvenimą, tapdama savotiška priežastimi tuo ko žmonės Esti — Žmonija… TauTos pagrindu, t.y. dalybų Asmeninėmis Savybėmis-Turtu, Manta kurdama Visų Namus – Valstybę. Šios Išminties svarbios sudedamosios dalys:
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